Organic food for a sustainable future

11.-13. November 2024 in Copenhagen

The conference aims to promote dialogue, cooperation and action towards building a more sustainable

and robust food system based on ecological principles.

The conference shall inspire conversations between producers, politicians and researchers about

the possibilities and place of ecology in a future sustainable food system. 

The International Research Association for Organic Food Quality and Health (FQH)

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science


University of Copenhagen, Thorvaldsensvej 40, DK-2000 Frederiksberg

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Monday - 11. November 2024



09:00 - Registration and coffee and light breakfast

10:00 - Welcome speeches by:

Dean Katrine Krogh Andersen, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen

Professor Susanne Gjedsted Bügel, Nutrition and Health, University of Copenhagen

President for FQH Carola Strassner, Fachbereich Oecotrophologie · Facility Management


Session 1 - Organic foodservice and public procurement

Chairs: Professor Carola Strassner & Rainer Roehl, Managing director a'verdis sustainable foodservice solutions, Germany.


Keynote speakers:

10:30 Organic Foodservice - Setting the scene – Prof. Carola Strassner, FH Münster, Germany

11:00 Peter Rønn-Petersen, Meyers Madhus, Denmark

11.30 Innovative and sustainable food procurement for healthy school meals -

Vivien Franck, Expert, Sustainable Food Systems, ICLEI Europe


Accepted abstract presentations:


12:00 TBA

12:15 TBA

12:30 TBA

12:45 TBA


13:00 Lunch


Session 2 - Organic markets and business

Chair: Professor Jørgen Dejgaard, Denmark


Keynote speakers:

14:00 Value creation drivers and barriers in organic food supply chains - Senior researcher Samir Mili,

CSIC Instituto de Economía Geografía y Demografía, Spain

14:30 Organic food companies and how they shape the transition to sustainability, Prof. Christian Herzig,

Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, Germany (Online presentation)


15:00 Coffee break


15:30 TBA


Accepted abstract presentations:


15:45 TBA

16:00 TBA

16:15 TBA


16:30 Panel discussion about funding

Moderator: Ivana Trkulja, CORE Organic network coordinator, International Centre for

Research in Organic Food Systems (ICROFS), Aarhus University, Denmark


Panel members: TBA


19:00 Conference dinner


Tuesday - 12 November 2024


8:30 Registration and coffee and light breakfast


Session 3 - Organic Food and Health

Chairs: Dr. Machteld Huber, Netherlands & Professor Susanne Bügel, Denmark


Keynote speakers:

09:00 Reflections on ‘nutritional quality’ and ‘health’ from a broad perspective – Dr. Machteld Huber,

Founder and Strategic Advisor, The Institute for Positive Health (iPH), Netherlands

09:30 Denis Lairon, PhD, Emeritus Research Director at INSERM, France (Online presentation)

10:00 New Nordic diet? – Lars Dragsted


10:30 Coffee break


Accepted abstract presentations:

11:00 TBA

11:15 TBA

11:30 TBA

11:45 TBA


12:00 Lunch


Session 4 - Consumer behavior, culture and society

Chairs: Associate professor Sinne Smed, Denmark & Professor John Thøgersen, Denmark


Keynote speakers:

13:00 Prof. John Thøgersen, Department of Management, University of Aarhus, Denmark

13:30 TBA

14:00 Prof. Raffaele Zanoli, Food Marketing & Management, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy


14:30 Coffee


Accepted abstract presentations:

15:00 TBA

15:15 TBA

15:30 TBA


Session 5 - Organic food quality and processing

Chairs: Professor Ewa Rembiałkowska, Poland & senior advisor and Consultant David Gould, USA


Keynote speakers:

15:45 Raw materials - Prof. Ewa Rembiałkowska, Department of Functional and

Organic Food, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland

16:15 Processed foods - David Gould, Senior Advisor and Consultant, USA

16:45 What about the Micronutrient in a plant-rich organic future? Susanne Gjedsted Bügel - Professor,

Head of section: Nutrition and Health, Copenhagen University, Denmark


Accepted abstract presentations:

17:15 TBA

17:30 TBA

17:45 TBA

18:00 Poster session at conference facility incl meal and beverages combined with poster presentations


18:40-19:20 Poster session 1

19:30-20:10 Poster session 2

20:20-21:00 Poster session 3


Wednesday 13 November 2024


8:30 Registration and coffee and light breakfast


Session 6 - Organic Districts as living laboratories for sustainable food systems

Chairs: Jostein Hertwig, Norway & Dr. Lilliana Stefanovic, Germany


Keynote speakers:

09:00 Intro - Organic case studies and GAOD - Dr. Liliana Stefanovic, Section of organic food quality, University of

Kassel, Germany & Jostein Hertwig, Attorney at Law, COB BERAS International Foundation, Norway

09:15 Sofi Gerber, PhD, Coordinator for Bio district Sörmland at BERAS International, Sweden

09.45 Cesare Zanasi, Associate professor at Bologna University, Italy


10.15 One accepted abstract will get the possibility to present as an invited Keynote speaker


10:30 Coffee break


11:00 Patricia Pugliesi


Accepted abstract presentations:

11:30 TBA

11:45 TBA


12:00-13:00 Lunch


Panel discussion - Bringing together Science and Practice

Moderators: Jostein Hertwig and David Gould


Panel members: TBA


15:00 Closing ceremony and Coffee and networking and Goodbye to FQH Copenhagen 2024

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